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Yukon Culinary Tourism Development Strategy

In 2019, TIA Yukon with the support of the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor) engaged consultant, Eric Pateman to develop a 5 year Yukon Culinary Tourism strategy, 2019 – 2024.

The creation & implementation of the Yukon Culinary Tourism Strategy will be a game changer for all Yukoners. From the farmers that grow and raise Yukon product to the local chefs that will create inspired meals for tourists and locals alike to enjoy. I’m sure I speak for all Yukoners, when I say we are more than excited to be able to have the opportunity to showcase to the world the uniqueness of our culinary scene. 

Sonny Gray

Food & Beverage Director, TIA Yukon Board of Directors


I have spent the past seven years exploring the culinary scene in the Yukon which has made me a proud, passionate and knowledgeable advocate for the region. This report, while driven by solid research, is a culmination of many years of on-the-ground cooking with Yukon chefs, meeting with Yukon farmers and food producers, and helping to share their stories locally, nationally and internationally.

Eric Pateman

Media value of Yukon Culinary

Since the Yukon Culinary Festival’s inception in 2019, 92 articles have been released, with an estimated $540,305 in earned media and circulated over 57 million times.


Download the Yukon Culinary Tourism Development Strategy (YCTDS)

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