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ELEVATE is for tourism focused businesses in Yukon who derive at least 60% of their revenue from visiting tourists. The grant is intended to provide eligible businesses with support to

1) help access professional expertise and services for key business aspects; and/or

2) access funding support to modify or enhance existing visitor experiences and services in response to the necessary adaptions related to COVID-19.


The funding amount will be determined on a case-by-case basis and the value will not exceed $20,000 per application within the two funding streams:

1) Professional mentorship (up to $5,000 of professional services and business guidance)

2) Adaptation projects (up to $15,000 in funding toward a project which supports business evolution)


Read the program guidelines thoroughly

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Please call TIA Yukon at (867) 668-3312 or email

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We are looking for tourism experts in a variety of business disciplines to assist our ELEVATE businesses. Apply here

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Yukon Elevate Tourism Program (ELEVATE)


Yukon Elevate Tourism Program (ELEVATE) provides an opportunity for the Yukon’s tourism industry to contribute to a RETHINKING, RESTRUCTURING and REBUILDING for a more sustainable and impactful tourism in the territory in the long term.

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, ELEVATE is designed to respond to the disproportionate impacts of the crisis on the tourism industry and to be better positioned to thrive in 2021 and beyond.

ELEVATE will enable eligible Yukon tourism businesses to access:

  • one on one professional advice from experts that specifically strengthen key aspects of a business,
  • funding to modify or enhance existing visitor experiences and services,
  • funding to develop new visitor experiences and services to help elevate the business and position them well to respond to today’s fast-changing environment.

Did you miss the ELEVATE presentation on our zoom call?

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ELEVATE is TIA Yukon’s response to COVID-19 effects on the tourism sector through a unique partnership between TIA Yukon, Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Yukon University, the Wilderness Tourism Association of Yukon and the Yukon First Nations Culture and Tourism Association. The program is funded by the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency with support from the Government of Yukon’s Department of Tourism and Culture

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