Next YTTF intake deadline is Friday, May 17, 2019 @ 4:00pm

As this fund is becoming increasingly competitive with every intake, please take the following steps to ensure that the committee can make an informed decision regarding your application:

  • Only typed applications will be accepted
  • Answers on the application form are full and complete.
  • Completed and marked checklist WITH applicant signature
  • Applications must be received prior to the start date of the training
  • Evidence of admittance into the program – registration document or receipt for full or partial payment.
  • A strong, training-relevant letter of support has been submitted (see sample in sidebar).
  • A full, detailed budget has been submitted (see samples in sidebar).
  • If taking training outside of the Yukon, a course or program description from the institution or a link to it.
  • Proof of Yukon residency has been provided – photocopy of Yukon health care card, driver’s license or ID card.


More information here