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Member Sustainability Stories

Yukon tourism operators care deeply, not only about the experiences they create for visitors, but also about the impact that their experiences have. Over the course of Tourism Week we will be sharing sustainability stories from four of our members and what they are doing to ensure the wellbeing of their environment, employees, and communities.

Neighbourly North

Neighbourly North offers the highest quality short-term rentals to anyone looking for extended-stay lodging with a high level of services. Neighbourly North’s mission is to connect travellers with authentic northern experiences, allowing them to experience the North as a local.

Protection of the environment is a key focus of Neighbourly North operations. Neighbourly North reminds guests to be considerate of their consumption by asking them to turn down the heat when they are not in the property, and ensure that all windows and doors are kept shut in the winter months.

They also educate guests on recycling and waste management during their stays, with all properties equipped properly. Neighbourly North also sources high-quality consumables and environmentally friendly, refillable body care essentials.

Neighbourly North prioritizes employees’ wellbeing and encourages them to lead rich, well-rounded lives outside of the office. Their new Adventure Training program provides every employee with up to $2,000 per year to pursue their wildest dreams and embark on unforgettable experiences.

    Terre Boreale

    Terre Boréale offers intimate guided journeys in Northern Canada for guests seeking to learn and access untouched spaces in a sustainable, authentic, and inclusive way. Terre Boréale showcases the Yukon in a way that is respectful and low impact to keep it wild for as long as possible.

    Terre Boréale tries to reduce their impact on the environment in everything they do. Terre Boréale is committed to not guiding more than 3 groups per year on its remote wilderness trips in order to limit impacts on the land and the species living there. Year after year, all their groups have the opportunity to experience real, untouched wilderness.

    Terre Boréale donates 1% of its yearly profits to the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative. They also organize a spring litter clean up where staff and community members can donate their time and all proceeds go to the Yukon Conservation Society.

    Terre Boréale does not use any single-use plastics on their guided trips and are working towards becoming Zero Waste. They also use organic ingredients as much as possible and prioritize purchasing from local farmers.

      Tincup Wilderness Lodge

      Situated on the shore of Tincup Lake near Kluane National Park, surrounded by mile up upon mile of unspoiled natural landscape, Tincup Wilderness Lodge is in a truly unique location for those looking to escape and enjoy a wilderness experience.

      Tincup Wilderness Lodge has strict eco-standards that guide everything they do. The lodge’s 24 solar panels have provided nearly 100% of their energy needs for over 10 years.

      Tincup Wilderness Lodge purchases a large amount of their food from local producers and grows their own vegetables and herbs right at the lodge. At the end of the season all leftover food is donated to the Whitehorse Food Bank.

      Tincup Wilderness Lodge ensures that the wilderness around them is respected by following fishing requirements carefully, using only environmentally friendly soaps and cleaners, and educating guests on respectful wilderness travel.

      Westmark Inn Dawson City

      The Westmark Inn Dawson City, offers travelers spacious and comfortable accommodations with warm northern hospitality in the middle of the Yukon Territory. The Westmark Inn is situated in the heart of downtown Dawson City and is open mid-May through mid-September.

      The Westmark Inn believes that sustainability is not one person’s job, it is everybody’s job. A big part of daily kitchen practices at the Westmark Inn is to incorporate local produce and products. With amazing farmers in the Dawson area and the 24 hour sunlight, harvest season always brings wonderful things to the table.

      A public courtyard at the Westmark Dawson is tucked away behind their Main Building and can be enjoyed by all. This beautiful green space includes a well-established garden and a herb and flower greenhouse.

      The Westmark Inn has also looked beyond the sustainability of their hotel and is including it in their employee housing. Amenity dispensers were installed in all units along with eco-friendly laundry strips and dryer sheets. They also included sustainable items in their employee welcome packs such as bamboo toothbrushes, compostable flossers, and toothpaste tabs.