Tourism in the Yukon would not exist without its tourism operators. These individuals have devoted their lives and a significant amount of capital from their own pockets to develop the products and services over the past few decades that have made the Yukon a viable destination. It takes a considerable amount of passion and perseverance to do this.
When developing the strategy that will determine how tourism is planned and managed in the territory for the years to come, it stands to reason that those individuals who live and breathe tourism every day and who have the most ‘skin in the game’, should have the greatest influence on such a plan. After all, this plan sets out to shape the industry that they have created – their very livelihood. The Yukon Tourism Development Strategy (YTDS) Steering Committee has a number of tourism operators on it, which adds an essential industry perspective when reviewing the YTDS outputs at a higher level, however, TIA Yukon believes it tactful to bring forward as many insights from the tourism industry as possible to help ensure that these details are considered when developing the draft strategy.
TIA Yukon makes this submission to the Yukon Tourism Development Strategy on behalf of the Yukon’s tourism industry. TIA Yukon would like to thank the Government of the Yukon for the opportunity to contribute this submission to the Yukon Tourism Development Strategy and appreciates the hard work that has been undertaken on this initiative.

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