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On behalf of our members, TIA Yukon provides a unified voice for Yukon’s tourism industry, representing Yukon’s tourism sector while engaging in a wide variety of endeavours.  From participating in discussions and strategic meetings, to administering key programs that facilitate the development of tourism in our territory, TIA Yukon is committed to listening to our members and acting on behalf of our membership so that your voice is heard.

In addition to our Board of Directors representing a cross section of Yukon’s tourism industry, we rely on you – our valued members – for insight, ideas and concerns about issues that affect our territory.

Whether you have a concern about a potential issue that may affect your tourism business, or would like to know more about how TIA Yukon is advocating on your behalf, please feel free to contact the staff and board members of TIA Yukon directly by email, phone or stopping by the TIA Yukon office in person.  We look forward to connecting with you!