Friday, September 29th, 2017
Locations TBA


1. Sustainable Models for Tourism & Cultural Events

This panel will provide insights on how to create enduring events that move towards self-sufficiency. Topics will include volunteerism, fundraising, branding and innovation. We are pleased to welcome our guest panel speakers representing some fantastic events from across Canada!

Laura Simmons, Executive Director, Wharf Rat Rally Motorcycle Association, Digby, Nova Scotia,
Marie Zimmerman, Executive Director, Hillside Festival, Guelph, Ontario,
Julie DescĂ´teaux, Manager, Event Coordination, Winterlude, Ottawa, Ontario,


2. How to Tell Better Stories: Interpreter Training

This panel will provide tips on how operators can tell better stories by sharpening their interpretive skills. It will also talk about the value of experiential and interpretive components to tours. Experts from around the Yukon will share their experiences with us!

Janice Cliff, Parks Canada, Klondike National Historic Sites, Dawson City,
Clare Daitch, Historic Sites Interpretive Planner, Cultural Services Branch, Tourism & Culture, Government of Yukon,
Glenda Bolt, Manager, Danoja Zho Cultural Centre, Dawson City,


3. Techniques for Recruitment & Rentention

An essential part of long term growth is making sure that businesses have enough reliable, qualified people working for them. As competition for workers in the tourism industry continues to ramp up, it will be harder for Yukon operators to attract the people they need to keep things running effectively. This panel will provide tips on how to attract good employees and how to keep them longer. We are pleased to welcome Dawn Robson, HR Consultant, Chemistry Business & HR Professionals, Vancouver, BC,